The Amazon River Dolphin | #1: The Pink Dolphin

References Donaher, S. (2020, March 18). Animals you’ve never heard of. Retrieved January 17, 2022, from OBIS SEAMAP. (n.d.). Amazon River Dolphin – Inia geoffrensis. Retrieved January 17, 2022, from Podos, J., Da Silva, V. M., & Rossi-Santos, M. R. (2002). Vocalizations of amazon river dolphins, inia geoffrensis: Insights into the evolutionary originsContinue reading “The Amazon River Dolphin | #1: The Pink Dolphin”

Happy Shark Week!

Sharks are important ecologically as apex predators (as well as prey in some cases), and protecting sharks helps protect the ecosystems that they are a part of. Shark products, bycatch, debris, and many other factors all negatively impact sharks. Reducing seafood consumption, reducing waste, and educating yourself on the importance of sharks all help makeContinue reading “Happy Shark Week!”