When We Reflect…

I took this photo while my family drove by Lake Ontelaunee in Berks County, Pennsylvania, a year or so ago. Truly, this shot encapsulates the clear, glistening water of the lake as it marvelously reflects the trees which peek over its banks. In similarity, when we reflect on the impact we’ve inflicted on the ocean, andContinue reading “When We Reflect…”

Spills Lead to Dead Zones

One day, as my Mom was preparing soup, a minor accident occurred as some broth unintendedly spilled on the counter. Amazingly, the untouched spill resembled that of a fish with bubbles above it and I quickly snapped a photo, admiring the phenemon, prior to it being cleaned.​ Much like this interesting fish pattern which resultedContinue reading “Spills Lead to Dead Zones”

Overfishing Political Cartoon

Cameron’s Note: This was originally published under my name. My apologies to Mr. Putnick; it is now corrected. This sketched political cartoon represents the devastating process of overfishing. The nations of the world (the globe figure), using the rod of “overfishing,” are depleting ocean life for the main purpose of sea food.  The World Wildlife FoundationContinue reading “Overfishing Political Cartoon”

Creating a Plastic Bottle Fish

I created this black ‘n blue fish out of two 2 liter bottles. The fins were cut from pieces of the plastic bottle, while the eyes are really bottle caps. The back tail is made from the plastic wrapper around one of the bottles, while the blue stripes are simply segments of blue painter’s tape. BeforeContinue reading “Creating a Plastic Bottle Fish”

Using Art: Through the SCUBA Mask

Through the SCUBA mask…..and into the ocean! Needless to say, the SCUBA mask is one of the most important pieces of gear for underwater exploration; giving humans the ability to dive into the ocean; a whole other amazing world filled with life. Beings that the main goal of this organization is to increase awareness aboutContinue reading “Using Art: Through the SCUBA Mask”