Dr. Amanda Vincent joins Turning the Tide’s Cameron Larmer to discuss her breakthrough seahorse research and global conservation policy.

She is one of the leading experts on seahorses, director and co-founder of Project Seahorse, and professor at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries. She was the first biologist to study seahorses underwater.

She has been awarded the Whitley Award in Animal Conservation, Grand Prix International pour l’Environment Marin’, Rolex Award for Enterprise, TIME magazine Leader of the 21st Century, La Presse Personality of the Year, Chevron Conservation Award, Yves Rocher Foundation of Woman of the Earth, La Cren Medal, and the world’s leading animal conservation prize, the Indianapolis Prize.

She has played pivotal roles in CITES, United Nations, and IUCN conservation policy.

See more from Dr. Vincent at projectseahorse.org.

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