After Shark Week | #3: Whale Shark Dead from Red Tide

During the final days of the past month, a whale shark, the world’s largest shark, washed up on the Florida coast in the precise location of Sanibel Island. The cause of death is suspected to be red tide. Red tide is a harmful algal bloom that often kills thousands of fish with its blooms. ItContinue reading “After Shark Week | #3: Whale Shark Dead from Red Tide”

After Shark Week | #1: Shark Finning

After Shark Week is a brief series on this blog, being conducted from the beginning of August to the end of the week. The posts will include art, information, and notes on sharks.  Sharks, while misunderstood, are incredibly important to marine ecosystems as a predator. Their presence regulates the behavior and population of their prey.Continue reading “After Shark Week | #1: Shark Finning”