Turning the Tide is an ocean conservation organization dedicated to raising awareness around environmental issues through the use of art.

Turning the Tide was founded in December 2016 by Cameron Larmer. He founded the project to combine his passion for ocean conservation with his interest in various art forms, particularly filmmaking.

“I thought that art would be something that everyone could connect with because it is a method of expression,” Larmer says. “Everyone expresses themselves in different ways. Art—be it through painting, film, music, or other mediums—is something that everyone can participate in and relate to. That was the basis behind Turning the Tide.”

The organization highlights environmental issues as its central subjects to further commitment to solutions. In addition, Turning the Tide promotes actions for individuals to enact positive environmental changes.

The organization has conducted cleanups in multiple countries, produced numerous conservation and environmental-based films, established a club at Eckerd College, and won at the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit Film Competition.

“Many environmental issues are, at heart, social issues. If we want to solve environmental issues, we will need a widespread commitment to social change. That social change starts with our individual actions and coming together as an environmentally and scientifically literate population. We need to treat each other with compassion and be aware of how our actions affect each other in order to work together to create a world that is healthy for us and our children.”

Pexels Photography Resources:

  • Home page header: Oliver Sjöström
  • Home page plastic bottle image: Catherine Sheila
  • Join the Movement / Turn the Tide header: Adrianna Calvo
  • Why You Should Turn the Tide beach image: Pixabay
  • Why You Should Turn the Tide header: Pixabay
  • The Issues fossil fuels image: Vitaly Vlasov
  • The Solutions wind power image: Jem Sanchez
  • Use Better Transport intersection image: Deva Darshan
  • Reduce Animal Products image: Leah Kelley
  • Conduct a Cleanup/Do Your Own Cleanup plastic bag image: Dexter Fernandes
  • Our Cleanups header: Magda Ehlers
  • How to Do Your Own Cleanup header: Krizjohn Rosales
  • Rogue Wave | Season 1, Episode 1 ocean image: Joseph Redfield
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