A Look Back at 2018

2018 had a lot of great highlights for Turning the Tide. As we head into 2019, here’s a look back at some of the best parts of 2018.

  • Biking a Marathon (January) – One the first days of 2018, I biked over 26 miles to complete a marathon to raise awareness for ocean conservation. This started the new year on a strong note.
  • Animal Agriculture Environmental Effects (January) – I published an essay looking into the effects of animal agriculture on the environment, particularly on the ocean.
  • Turning the Tide Wordle (February) – Robert P. created a Turning the Tide Wordle.
  • Overfishing Comparison (March) – I looked into the numbers behind overfishing.



  • Numbers (May) – We release the short film, Numbers.
  • After Shark Week (August) – I do a short series after shark week.
  • Red Tide (August) – We release Red Tide | Short Film.
  • Join Hands Along the Water (August) – We release Join Hands Along the Water | Short Film.
  • Red Water (November) – We release Red Water | Short Film.
  • Whale Shark and Dolphin Art (November) – The whale shark and dolphin art made were added to an artwork that would go on to win the art festival.

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