After Shark Week | #1: Shark Finning

After Shark Week is a brief series on this blog, being conducted from the beginning of August to the end of the week. The posts will include art, information, and notes on sharks. 

Sharks, while misunderstood, are incredibly important to marine ecosystems as a predator. Their presence regulates the behavior and population of their prey.

The dangers that sharks face include plastic pollution, overfishing, and shark finning. Shark finning terms the purposeful catching of shark to cut off their fins. Following the action, the shark is tossed back into the water.

There are several simple actions that can help stop shark finning.

The most obvious would be to not buy or invest in products containing shark fins. Shark fin soup is one of the most well-known shark fin products. In addition, many organizations around the world are taking action against shark finning. Joining their effort greatly helps their cause. Any personal actions, ranging from a t-shirt to a protest, also help the fight against shark finning.

The range is as wide as it is for giving a message to an audience. There are many ways that messages can be delivered. Choosing your own method can help the fight against shark finning.

Here are some examples of what is being done against shark finning.

One thought on “After Shark Week | #1: Shark Finning

  1. Also, shark fins add no flavor to shark fin soup so the process is completely unnecessary. The flavor is achieved by other added meats. Additionally, when sharks are tossed back into the ocean without a fin, they die soon after.

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