Biking a Marathon for Ocean Pollution Awareness

I took to the bike on New Year’s Eve to raise awareness about the effects of ocean pollution. For more information on that, read on below. My goal was to bike a marathon, or a little over 26 miles. The track was a local block that was 0.5 miles long. So, 53 laps were needed for the race. On Day One, I biked 26 laps.

The remaining 27 were to be biked on Day Two. Here following is video coverage of the event. Enjoy!

Why I Biked the Marathon

I biked this marathon to raise attention to the dangers of ocean pollution. When I say “ocean pollution”, I am terming several obstacles threatening the ocean’s welfare.

Perhaps the most well-known pollution is plastic pollution. Not only does this litter clutter the beaches and oceans, many of the elements within them are harmful to organisms who ingest them. Plastic can break down into micro-plastics, which allow the damage to be spread out, harder to see, and even more deadly. Participating in beach cleanups, taking car of your own trash, and using biodegradable products are steps that can be taken to turn the tide on plastic pollution.

Less mentioned is agricultural pollution. Pesticides and animal waste can cause algae blooms and dead zones. They have been connected as a possible catalyst of red tides. While this pollution is deadly, it is not discussed as often. Learning more about the problem and raising awareness on the issue with others are good starting steps to working on agricultural pollution.

When The Mermaids Cry: The Great Plastic Tide

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