When We Reflect…

John 14-27.JPG

I took this photo while my family drove by Lake Ontelaunee in Berks County, Pennsylvania, a year or so ago. Truly, this shot encapsulates the clear, glistening water of the lake as it marvelously reflects the trees which peek over its banks.

In similarity, when we reflect on the impact we’ve inflicted on the ocean, and the life which inhabits its watery ecosystem, the prospects are certainly not favorable, but are reversible. Every action we take today to rid the Earth of unnecessary pollution- whether it be as simple as recycling one plastic bottle or as challenging as cleaning-up the remnants of an oil spill- ultimately can result in change for the future of all ocean life.

Upon reflecting, the damage already done cannot be fully undone, but the downward trend can be reversed. May we all continue to “Turn the Tide” in our individual communities, so that as a result, the arms of repair throughout the world, can combat the ever-increasing threats presented to oceans.

Published by RP Model Railroads

Model Railroader in HO-Scale and N-Scale. Also enjoys photography and free-writing.

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