Overfishing Political Cartoon


Cameron’s Note: This was originally published under my name. My apologies to Mr. Putnick; it is now corrected.

This sketched political cartoon represents the devastating process of overfishing. The nations of the world (the globe figure), using the rod of “overfishing,” are depleting ocean life for the main purpose of sea food. 

The World Wildlife Foundation (http://www.fishforward.eu/en/topics/facts-figures/) reports the following alarming facts:

  • In 2013, around 93 million tons of fish were caught world-wide
  • 29% of the world’s fish stocks are overfished
  • Over just 40 years there has been a decrease recorded in marine species of 39% 
  • Illegal and unregulated fishing constitutes an estimated 11-26 million tons (12-28%) of fishing world-wide

Published by RP Model Railroads

Model Railroader in HO-Scale and N-Scale. Also enjoys photography and free-writing.

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