World Ocean’s Day – Recap

World Ocean’s Day took place around the world, but we met it at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida. I brought the painting to be decorated with plastic bottle caps, and we were able to get a message out about what we are doing.

It was very exciting and we met some very interesting people! Here is a time lapse of the event.

We were paired up with the organization we interviewed, Green Gasparilla! I personally think the two groups made a good team working together.

Overall the event was excellent as it allowed me to see an audience, but it also did help me realize that plastic pollution was being addressed by various groups already. Some of the just-as-large problems such as overfishing and agricultural pollution weren’t being spoken about, so the event also helped me expand my personal focus.

In conclusion the event was very enjoyable and a good way to raise awareness for the good of the planet.

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