Shifting My Focus

Hello everyone! I am personally shifting my focus for myself, and I hope it will expand to the organization.

While I still hope to address the issue of plastic pollution, I’ve come to realize that there are some other large issues that haven’t been addressed as strongly as plastic pollution has. I still encourage the movement against plastic pollution, and that will have a role in my art as well, I would like to also bring attention to ocean dead zones and overfishing. I feel that these issues are just as much of a problem as well, and they are less talked about than plastic pollution.

In a future post, I will discuss World Ocean’s Day. Here, I met a fantastic amount of people, but I also met some good and bad news. Almost every organization focused on a sort of plastic pollution. This is good news in the fact that plastic pollution is being discussed and repelled, but bad news in the fact that very few people were discussing dead zones and overfishing, which are problems that are just as large.

The purpose of Turning the Tide is the same, but its target is just expanding. The main weapon that Turning the Tide will use remains art, but I want to also speak on dead zones and overfishing, as well as plastic pollution.

I encourage you to target these issues in your art in the future, too! Try doing a bit of your own research and come to your conclusion about what you want to focus your art on.


Dead Zones
Lee Bryant,
Cowspiracy (Award-Winning Documentary) 
Environmental Protection Agency 
National Ocean Service 
Scientific American 
Virginia Institute of Marine Science 

Over Fishing
Cowspiracy (Award-Winning Documentary) 
Fen Montaigne, National Geographic
United Nations Environment Programme 
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

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