Cleanup: Lido Beach

Hey folks! This weekend I headed to our local Lido Beach, where I and representatives from various newborn organizations focused on cleaning up the beach! I found around two dozen cigarettes, and a variety of other plastic litter.

It’s very sad to see how people have treated the ocean and the beaches. As a result of a variety of factors, many cigarettes end up getting dumped on the beaches.

I have some footage taken from this event by myself and some of the Mote staff (thank you Ms. Cathy and Ms. Dana!), including an interview of why I was there.

One particular photo I took was of this cigarette in the sand that I found lying in some of the washed-up seagrass. Many of the cigarettes actually are about the seagrass itself.


However small the contribution, I was happy to venture out to try to make a difference! Through our actions, like taking care of our litter, we can have an effect.


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