Hello from Badatgaming130

Cam’s Note: The message below is from badatgaming130, the newest member of the organization.

Can you guess who it is? I’ll give you a hint. 

My name starts with Bad and ends with atgaming130.

Yep guys its badatgaming130 and I’m super excited to be involved in this project! 

Now what will you expect from me? As a traveler I’ll be showing you a bunch of guides to places I find on Google Maps. But not just any guide! Guides to places with beautiful water, underrated locations that are sometimes protected sometimes not.
Sometimes I will go to these places in person but very rarely as I am a busy guy.
Take the road less traveled guys.

As he said, badatgaming is excited and should bring new perspective to the project! Badatgaming will also be showing us which locations are protected and which are not. Many locations, specifically unprotected, become subject to litter. This new area should really add to the project in general. We are pleased to welcome him in and we thank him for joining.

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